acne extraction Bangkok

Acne Extraction in Bangkok

For over 18 years, since 2005, Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok has been at the forefront of skincare, offering specialized acne extraction services. They have provided the treatment more than 42,482 times. Through continuous refinement and development of their extraction techniques, they’ve achieved an impressive post-extraction inflammation rate of less than 1.5%, which is notably lower than the industry’s average of 2-5%.

The Precision of Acne Extraction

Acne extraction is not a mere superficial procedure. It demands a deep understanding of the skin and its issues. At Puttharaksa Aesthetic, the extraction process is handled with the utmost care by experts, ensuring:

  • Minimal Discomfort: The procedure is designed to cause the least amount of pain to the clients.
  • Complete Removal: All clogged pores, known as comedones, are thoroughly cleared.
  • Reduced After-effects: Post-extraction, the occurrence of redness or marks on the skin is minimal.

Understanding Acne and Its Causes

To appreciate the effectiveness of acne extraction, it’s essential to understand the root causes of acne:

  • Oil Production: Overproduction of sebum can lead to blocked pores, forming acne.
  • Dead Skin Cells: Accumulated dead skin cells can clog the pores, trapping oil and bacteria.
  • Bacteria Growth: Once trapped, bacteria can grow, leading to inflammation and pimple formation.

Benefits of Acne Extraction

By directly addressing the primary causes of acne, extraction offers several benefits:

  • Pore Cleansing: Direct removal of blockages ensures that pores are clean, reducing the chance of bacterial growth.
  • Reduced Oil Trapping: Clear pores mean that oil doesn’t get trapped, which can prevent the formation of new acne.
  • Immediate Results: Unlike some treatments that require time to show results, acne extraction provides almost immediate improvements.


Acne extraction, when performed with expertise and precision, offers a tangible solution to acne by addressing its root causes. Institutions like Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok have perfected this technique, ensuring that clients receive the best care with optimal results. For individuals struggling with acne, considering extraction might be the step towards clearer and healthier skin.

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